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    Intermediates of Larotrectinib(LOXO-101)
    Intermediates of Ivabradine
    Intermediates of Dacomitinib
    Intermediates of Efinaconazole
    Intermediates of Olodaterol
    Intermediates of Ticagrelor
    Intermediates of Entrectinib
    Intermediates of Acotiamide
    Intermediates of Dofetilide
    Piperazine derivative
    Piperidine derivative
    Pyrrolidine derivative
    Pyridine derivative
    Other Intermediates
    Intermediates of Mirabegron
    Intermediates of Tiotropium Bromide
    Intermediates of Vilanterol
    Intermediates of Umeclidinium bromide
    Intermediates of Glycopyrrolate Bromide
    Intermediates of Donepezil HCI
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    The expert group of the provincial science and Technology Department came to our unit for the research and investigation of the high level scientific and technological talent team

    On October 17, 2017,the expert group of the provincial science and Technology Department came to our company to investigate and investigate the situation of high-level personnel team.The results of this site inspection would be the important basis for the provincial science and technology department supporting the high-level talent team of our company.

    The members of the expert group visited our production plant, R & D center and testing center, and then held a forum to learn about the company's intellectual property rights, ownership structure, team talent, product technology development progress and financial status.Xu Kun, the chairman of the company, reported to the members of the group in detail the company's situation and subsequent research and development, production planning, and so on.The members of the expert group were more satisfied with the company's high level talent team and indicated that they would advise the Ministry to give the project fund supports.



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