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    The opening ceremony of Anhui Dexinjia modern heterocyclic drugs (intermediates) joint research and development center and the practical teaching base of HeFei University of Technology is held ceremon

    On the morning of October 15, 2017,the opening ceremony of Anhui Dexinjia modern heterocyclic drugs (intermediates) joint research and development center and the practical teaching base of HeFei University of Technology is held ceremoniously in the company conference room.China University of Science and Technology Ph.D. / CAS 100 people plan professor Wang Zhiyong,Professor Zhang Wencheng, director of the biological and chemical engineering research center of the Ministry of education and director of the Institute of biological and electrical engineering of HeFei Technology University,Researcher Hui Ailing, HeFei University of Technology,bio chemical engineering research center of Ministry of education participated as a special guests.Zhang Min, director of the county government office,Du Kui,the Deputy Minister of the county Party committee,Hong Baorong, director of the Committee of the County Commission for information,Wang Yamin, director of the county market supervision bureau,Tang Liming, director of the County Bureau of science and technology,Zhang Zhenyu, director of the county development and Reform Commission,Xue Yu, director of the county talent office,Han Feng, the member of the county development and Reform Commission and other county division heads visited and gave guidance.Zhang Min,the director of county government office presided over the meeting.
    Firstly,the chairman Xu Kun reported the situation of the development of the company and the platform for innovation and the construction of talent and other situations to the experts and scholars at the meeting.In recent two years, the company has been recognized by state-level high-tech enterprises, has undertaken major projects of science and technology in Anhui Province, and has been awarded the Anhui provincial heterocyclic specialty medicine technology engineering research center.At the same time,our unit cooperated with Jinan University to establish the Anhui Dexinjia-Jinan University New Technology Research Institute, mainly carried out the technology development of high-end biological medicine.In the construction of high-end talent team,Zheng Gengxiu, the chief engineer of our unit, won
    the innovate leading talent of provincial organization department's special plans.Zheng Gengxiu’s team won the support of the high level talent team of the provincial science and Technology Department, and Professor Wang's team won the honor of the 115 industrial innovation team of the provincial department.The company was strongly supported by China University of Science and Technology, HeFei University of Technology, Jinan University and other well-known experts in the research and development of heterocyclic characteristic drugs.Our company will continue to strengthen the cooperation with USTC and Hefei University of technology and other well-known domestic scientific research institutes,build a high-end R & D and technology transformation platform,fast start research and application of heterocyclic characteristic drug technology,concentrate on the advantages of scientific research and give full play to the advantages of chiral synthesis technology,build a research and innovation platform around high-end biological medicine as soon as possible,improve the innovative ability of chemical synthetic drugs in Anhui Province,drive the pharmaceutical industry to open a new situation,create a national influence and competitiveness of the characteristic pharmaceutical industry system and high growth pharmaceutical enterprises.

    Experts and leaders are highly affirmed in the achievements of the company in recent years and the achievements of the innovation and development.Specially invited experts Wang Zhiyong, Zheng Wencheng, Hui Ailing, etc.put forward suggestions for the company's scientific and technological innovation and product research and development.Meanwhile,they hoped to continue to cooperate with the company's technology projects, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and continue to consolidate and provide the leading position and level of the company in the field of heterocyclic specialty medicine technology.
    The leaders of all departments of the county affirmed the development of the company and the work of scientific and technological innovation.At the same time, all departments declared that they will continue to improve their service level,provide policy support and fund support for the enterprise to become stronger and stronger and accelerate the development of the Taihe bio pharmaceutical industry.



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