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    Intermediates of Larotrectinib(LOXO-101)
    Intermediates of Ivabradine
    Intermediates of Dacomitinib
    Intermediates of Efinaconazole
    Intermediates of Olodaterol
    Intermediates of Ticagrelor
    Intermediates of Entrectinib
    Intermediates of Acotiamide
    Intermediates of Dofetilide
    Piperazine derivative
    Piperidine derivative
    Pyrrolidine derivative
    Pyridine derivative
    Other Intermediates
    Intermediates of Mirabegron
    Intermediates of Tiotropium Bromide
    Intermediates of Vilanterol
    Intermediates of Umeclidinium bromide
    Intermediates of Glycopyrrolate Bromide
    Intermediates of Donepezil HCI
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    Pan Dianhua, Vice Minister of the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, came to our company to research personnel work

    On October 12, 2017, Pan Dianhua, Deputy Minister of the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, came to our company to investigate the situation of innovation, entrepreneurship and management personnel.Company chairman Xu Kun gave an account of platform construction and team building of the company in recent years to the pan minister line , at the same time, in view of the main problems of talent introduction, training and use, talent flow, talent management services, and high-level talent introduction, the demand for the existing talent training, and the demand for talent service guarantee,he report one by one.

    Pan minister highly praised the achievements of the construction of the talent team and the achievements in scientific and technological innovation, hoped that the company will continue to increase the introduction and training of talents, give full play to the advantages of high-level personnel team, and continue to do a good job in the enterprise's scientific and technological innovation and management.



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