Final Products
    Intermediates of Larotrectinib(LOXO-101)
    Intermediates of Ivabradine
    Intermediates of Dacomitinib
    Intermediates of Efinaconazole
    Intermediates of Olodaterol
    Intermediates of Ticagrelor
    Intermediates of Entrectinib
    Intermediates of Acotiamide
    Intermediates of Dofetilide
    Piperazine derivative
    Piperidine derivative
    Pyrrolidine derivative
    Pyridine derivative
    Other Intermediates
    Intermediates of Mirabegron
    Intermediates of Tiotropium Bromide
    Intermediates of Vilanterol
    Intermediates of Umeclidinium bromide
    Intermediates of Glycopyrrolate Bromide
    Intermediates of Donepezil HCI
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    Major events of the company in 2017

    1、In April 2017, Zheng Gengxiu, the project host, was awarded the third batch of innovative and pioneering talents (provincial Party Committee Organization);

    2、In June 2017, our company was awarded the recognition of special new small and medium-sized enterprises (city credit committee);

    3、In August 2017, our company was approved as "Anhui heterocyclic special drug technology Engineering Research Center" (provincial development and Reform Commission)

    4、In August 2017, our company was awarded as Fuyang accelerated the industrial transformation and upgrading, focusing on nurturing brand enterprises (City Credit Committee)

    5、In August 2017,our company has been supported by high level scientific and technological personnel team (Provincial Science and Technology Department)

    6、In September 2017, the "synthesis of new technology of super purity tiotropium bromide " as the competition, respectively won the China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition Anhui division finals excellent award and China Innovation and entrepreneurship contest biomedical industry finals outstanding enterprise award. (torch center of Ministry of science and Technology)

    7、In October 2017, we won the "Tenth batch of 115 industry innovation team" (provincial Party Committee Organization Department)



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