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    Qi Anmin,the director of Standing Committee of the county people's Congress,came to our company to investigate

    May 11th,2017,Qi Anmin,the director of Standing Committee of the county people's Congress,came to our company to investigate the industrial economic development and upgrading of the park.Hu Ming, standing committee member of the county Party committee and vice governor of the county,Lu Fengjie, deputy director of the people's Congress of the county,Zhao Wei, vice chairman of the CPPCC and director of the administrative committee of the development zone,County Economic and Information Committee Director Hong Baorong and other leaders accompanied by investigation.
    Director Qi Anmin made a thorough understanding of our business development, scientific and technological innovation and safety and environmental protection work.Xu Kun, general manager of the company, introduced the company's current development, product innovation, safety and environmental protection work and the medium and long-term development plan of the company,meanwhile he made a report on the problems that need to be solved by the government in the process of enterprise development. 
    Then, together with the leadership of the company, director Qi and his party visited the company's production plant area, materials receiving and sending area, sewage treatment station and other areas.Qi and his party expressed their admiration for the environmental greening work and environmental protection work of the factory, and gave a high evaluation of the achievements of the enterprise development.At the same time, Qi director hope that our unit should continue to increase scientific and technological innovation, continuous transformation and upgrading,to lay a solid foundation for better and faster sustainable development of enterprises.As the leading enterprise of Fuyang modern pharmaceutical industry base, it should play an exemplary and leading role.



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