How to use Task Scheduler in Windows

I think most of you don’t know about Task Scheduler in Windows. Don’t worry i will tell you about it. Its System Tool already available in Windows. This is used to run specific program, alert some message or send email. Many Software’s used this feature to check their program to be updated from internet by running their updater daily at specific time. You may also notice that some of your antivirus scan and update daily automatic at particular time. Similarly with Windows Updates. There are many uses of this. You can also use it own way according to requirement. Now i am going to tell you how to use it.
Let start with creating Basic Task.

  • First go to run and type ‘Taskschd.msc‘ and hit Enter
  • Then Task Scheduler Windows Opens
  • Just Click on ‘Task Scheduler Library‘ to find out which task is currently setup and will run in future.[Like: GoogleUpdateTaskMachineUA run daily at 9pm (in my case)]
  • Let Create Own Task for that just right click on ‘Task Scheduler Library‘ and click on `Create Basic Task` or can select same option from action tab from right side of window

  • A Dialog Box open asking for Task Name & its Description

  • Then Click Next and now its ask for when to task start like daily, weekly, monthly etc. options select according to your necessary then click next.

  • Then it ask for time exactly when to start.
  • After that it give 3 options to what action task perform.

  • Select according to your choice and hit next.
  • Then fill detail according to choice. If select program locate program, if select message write message, if select email fill the information.
  • After that click on Next and then finish

  • Done! Task is created. It will run task automatically according to your settings

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