How to Create Virtual WiFi Hotspot in your Windows without any Software

WiFi Hotspot is very useful, one of the main uses is to connect two device using wifi and share data , i.e. you can share files and folder with other device on same network can share data, it work same as LAN but wireless . You can also play games with each other on LAN. Its very easy to Setup WiFi hotspot, just follow the tutorial.

  • First Run Commmand Prommpt as Administrator

  • Type the command netsh
  • then type following commmannd:-

    wlan set hostednetwork = allow ssid = {username of WiFi} key={password of WiFi}
  • Here replace username of Wifi with your username and password of Wifi with WiFi password must be at least 8 character long.
    For Example:
    wlan set hostednetwork = allow ssid = aashuzone key=aashuzone
  • Then final command to start WiFi Hotspot
    wlan start hostednetwork

  • Done! Your WiFi Hotspot is created successfully.

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